2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers | What's Huang

Are you looking for gift ideas? Can’t seem to think of anything good to give this year so you are resorting to new socks, underwear, or something that hasn’t ever been opened that’s laying around the house? Look no further! Here is a list of cool products I have came across over the year that any tech aficionado would love to have.

Nerd Wax

I learned about this product from an episode on Stark Tank (big fan, watched over 120+ episodes). This product prevents your glasses from sliding down your face if you get a little sweaty. You simply just apply a little nerd wax on the nose tips of your glasses and it creates a little friction preventing it from happening.

Nerd Wax

Pixar Image

Ever wondered what you look like if you were are a Pixar character? Wonder no more! Lance Pham takes a real photo/selfie and Pixarfies it. If you want this as a gift you have to get your submissions in. He books up fast!


House Plants

Every tech lover needs a little green in their lives. I’m particularly fond of bonsai trees. I don’t own one myself but this is one I would get.

Juniper Tree Bonzai

Short Circuit

Short Circuit was a movie that came out in 1986 about a robot that got struck by lightning and came to life. I include it in this gift guide only because it is something that I would love as a gift. It might be lost amongst the younger tech crowd, but Johnny 5 has a special place from my childhood. I’ve always wanted a model version of Johnny 5 and I finally found something that doesn’t break the bank.

Mini RC Johnny 5 from Short Circuit


AI Books

If you are into tech (even if you’re not), chances are you have heard about AI in some capacity. This year I read a book called Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark. Life 3.0 is a book about AI and how it will impact our civilization. It takes a neutral position and shows what life could be on a best case scenario as well as a worst case scenario. I think its the best book I’ve read in 2017, highly recommend it. To get more of my thoughts of books I’ve read check out my favorite books of 2017.

Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark

Laptop Stand

I like the portability that a laptop provides, but I don’t like that it gives you bad posture. The best sitting position while you are working on a computer is if your monitor is at eye level. This is why I like this laptop stand by Roost. It elevates your laptop at the proper level while you are on the go.

Roost Laptop Stand

Retro Smartwatch

Any tech lover can appreciate simpler times. What about this Casio Calculator watch which was introduced in the in 1970’s and peaked in the 80s?

Casio Calculator Watch


Slide Rule Watch

Here is another watch gift idea. A mechanical watch with a built in slide rule. Another alternative if the Casio calculator wasn’t getting you excited.

Slide Rule Watch


Hard Drives

Hard drives are so cheap these days. You can now buy this 1TB portable hard drive to backup your important files or even expand your computer’s storage for less than $55. That’s less than a new released video game.

Toshiba Canvio 1TB Hard Drive


I really like this giant mousepad. I have one that is similar that takes up my whole desk. The nice thing about a giant mousepad is the fact that you don’t have to be careful about the mouse flying off the mousepad. With a big mousepad, you always have a nice surface for your mouse. Another plus is it just doubles as a nice desktop cover.

Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Standing Desk

As someone that works in front of a computer all the time, I can’t be without my standing desk. If you want to introduce someone to the idea of standing while they are working, you can purchase this affordable solution.



Bluetooth Tracker

For the forgetful, you can get these small bluetooth trackers. Add these tiles onto your keychain or wallet and you won’t ever lose them ever again.

Tile Mate

RFID Blocking Wallet

What a crazy year for cyber security? The Equifax attack may have affected 143 Million in the US. That’s almost half the population! For those that are taking extra precautions, check out this RFID Wallet which blocks high tech identity thieves from stealing your information.

RFID Blocking Wallet

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