3 Instagram Tips for Pro Users

3 Instagram Tips for Pro Users | What's Huang

Three tips for you to take your Instagram game to the next level. How to gain more followers in an automated way, how to upload photos from your desktop computer, and how to  create a panorama slideshow.

How to Gain More Followers

There are a lot of ways to gain more followers on Instagram. To give you some ideas you can focus on a theme, post pictures consistently, use proper hashtags, engage with others in the community, and follow other people within your niche. Follower growth is the result when you do all of this right. What most fail to realize is these things take constant persistence especially when you are just starting out and don’t have that celebrity star power. It is a grind.

As a working example, let’s take the engage with others in the community piece. If I was responsible for growing an eCommerce store’s instagram account selling phone accessories, I would potentially conduct a hashtag search for #phoneaccessories. I would like 3 – 4 photos, comment on 1 photo, and follow 1 person’s account. After that, I would repeat consistently for days/weeks to get results. This is what I meant by the grind.

Recently, I found an interesting service that helps automates this. Boostfy.co is a service that allows you to add hashtags, set your targeted location, and add your competitor’s accounts. The service will auto like photos based on your targeted settings. It doesn’t auto follow or auto leave comments (which is good because you don’t want to be spammy), but it will certainly alleviate the grind a little bit. There is a free trial to test out the effectiveness of the tool as well as paid options.

Gain Followers on Instagram

How to Upload Pictures From a Computer

Instagram was created with the intention that users upload pictures from their mobile device. It creates a community that is more in the moment so to speak. However, that doesn’t prevent a lot of accounts from working around this restriction. There are people that want to take pictures using their more expensive/professional camera equipment, post process their photos/videos before they uploading to instagram. These tasks are often completed on a desktop/laptop computer and the restriction of uploading photos through a mobile device is often just another step in their workflow.

However, we now have options that can help streamline that efficiency and post from a computer. There is a way you can upload photos from a browser. All you have to do is change the user agent. For example, in Chrome you have to go to  View>Developer> Developer Tools. The developer console should pop up. Then click on the Multi Devices icon which should reveal the different types of mobile devices Chrome can emulate. After logging in, you can upload photos from the browser.

There are also desktop app solutions. On Mac, I use a desktop app called Vu which sits on the menu bar and provides a very clone like experience from the mobile experience.

How to Create a Panorama Slideshow

You took a really cool panorama photo, but uploading it to Instagram would make the entire image really small. It would simply just look pretty bad. A simple solution to this problem is to take your panorama photo and divide it up to 2 to 4 individual images. Then upload them as multiple photos as a slideshow in Instagram so when users swipe through multiple photos they can see it in a compelling way.

Here is an example I took at a car show I attended. The panoramic photo starts on the second slide.

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To accomplish this, I used an app called Slides which helps you split your large horizontal panoramic photo into multiple photos equally. For the more technical, you can also split them up using photoshop. Just make sure your image dimensions are correct.

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