9 Over Posted Photos On Social Media That We Can’t Get Enough Of

Howard Huang Story

I don’t normally post articles like the one you are about to read. I normally write about digital marketing strategies that help improve small businesses. Since it is a lazy Sunday afternoon, the weather is perfect, and I don’t have anything that is properly prepared this week; you all get to read something a little more fun and relaxed.

Below are some of the most over posted photos on social media that we can’t get enough of. I’ll admit, I’m guilty for doing a lot of these things. Don’t forget to read my other more serious article about using images to captivate your customers.

Story in a Photo Photos

This photo always bothers me as a marketer. It is the click bait equivalent for photos. It’s usually a picture of an individual holding up a large sign telling a sad story and it usually does very well in likes, comments, and re-shares. Maybe I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of it first. Please re-share. 😉

Howard Huang Story

Baby Photos

Are you a new parent? Are you insanely proud to show it off to the world? Well, let’s post 10 pictures of your newborn everyday. Don’t forget to read how I really feel about posting pictures of your baby on social media.

Howard Huang Baby

Food Photos

Everyone loves food because we need to eat to survive. At one point in time I tried to document every meal that I ever ate. I then realized that that was going a little too far so I stopped.

Howard Huang Food

Sunrise/Sunset Photos

I live in mid-cities between Dallas and Forth Worth. It’s a location that doesn’t neccessarily attract boatloads of tourists. However, with Instagram filters; you can change what looks like an ordinary place look exotic.

Howard Huang Sunset

Feet Photos

Are you outdoors playing soccer, golf, walking, or mowing the lawn? You can turn any mundane outdoor activity into a work of art by simply just taking a photo of your feet.

Howard Huang Feet

Duckface Selfie Photos

This photo type need no explanation. If you take a lot of selfie’s there is a study that suggests possible psychiatric problems.

Howard Huang Duck Face Selfie

Motivational Photos

Find a quote, overlay it on a scenic photo, and ta da….you have a social media photo masterpiece.

Howard Huang Motivation Poster

Meme Photos

Sometimes they are bad, sometimes they are good, but every now and then you find one that really resonates and it is golden.

Howard Huang Meme

Pet Photos

Don’t have a baby? Don’t worry, you can use your pet and exploit it in the same way. You piss less people off this way.

Howard Huang Pet

Now it is your turn to show me. What are some of the most excessively posted photos on social media that you have noticed? Let me know in the comments below.

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