Augmented Reality is Awesome, Here’s Why

Augmented Reality is Awesome, Here's Why | What's Huang

Thanks to Apple’s ARKit the number of augmented reality apps is about to explode on iOS. Here are some really cool applications that are under development that convinced me that it’s not just some passing fad. AR is going to change how we order food, dance, and shop.

Measure Just About Anything

Yes, that’s right. This AR app lets measure anything in the physical world. What is impressive is the fact that it is accurate down to the millimeter. You never have to go digging in your tool chest to find that tape measure ever again.

Would be even cooler if they add the ability to measure volumetric space.

Look at Your Food Before You Order

Imagine this. You’re at an unfamiliar restaurant and instead of trying to decide what food you want to eat by reading off the menu you can simply just swipe through and look at your food on your table.

A New Way to Learn

Check out this clever AR application in which the app overlays where you should place your feet to teach you how to dance.

What about learning about science and history? Here is an example that recreated the moon landing.

Shopping is Going to Change

Shopping for a new pillow and wonder how that is going to look on your couch? Wonder no more because you can just plop that thing on your couch and view it from multiple angles.

What about if you were looking for a new car? Want to see that beautiful new car in your driveway? Now you can! Here’s an example of a developer that put the new upcoming Tesla Model 3 in his driveway.

Gaming is Leveling Up

You thought Pokemon Go was cool? No way. Get ready to fight scary monsters right in your bedroom.

And of course, Minecraft will be getting in on the action as well.

Can’t Get Enough?

Want to find more augmented reality apps currently in development using ARKit? Checkout this curated site –

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