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A brand is a name or symbol in which others identifies and recognizes as a unique product compared with others. Personal branding is simply a method in which individuals market themselves. Here are tips and strategies to build your personal brand.

7 Things I Learned After Watching 120+ Episodes of Shark Tank


Shark Tank - Howard Huang

Shark Tank is a reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business to a panel of wealthy investors in hopes of securing capital to take their business to the next level. In a typical episode, entrepreneurs enter the tank, pitch their business, and negotiate with the investors or the sharks for a piece of their company.

Shark Tank has become one of my favorite shows and has taught me quite a bit about pitching to investors and the steps you need to take in order to grow your business. This is what I have learned after watching over 120 episodes.

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How to Get Hired: Maximize Your Exposure & Potential

How to Get Hired - Howard Huang

A few people have asked me for advice in regards to helping them get hired, get noticed, and provide direction to improve their professional growth. These people were looking for advice to write their resume, get tips to make a career jump, and develop strategies to move up in their organization. If any of these describe your current situation, here are some of my recommendations to help you break through that barrier.

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How to Become a Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing BooksVery recently someone asked me for advice on what they should do to get into social media professionally.  That question allowed me to reflect how I got into my career as a digital marketing professional as well as inspired me to write this article.  Digital marketing is exploding and there are many of us out there.  I’m here to share my experiences on how I got started but do note that it isn’t the only way to get started.  There are many people in this space that have a different story with a different technique, but if you are dedicated enough you will find success your own way.

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