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A brand is a name or symbol in which others identifies and recognizes as a unique product compared with others. Personal branding is simply a method in which individuals market themselves. Here are tips and strategies to build your personal brand.

Discovering Your True Passion

Howard Huang Discovering your passion

In business, have you ever heard of the saying that in order to succeed you need to have passion?  What does passion even mean?  How do you know if you have really discovered a passion or if it’s just a hobby in disguise?  How do you decipher between a temporary obsession and a true passion?  In my professional opinion, I believe in three things in regards to passion.  The first thing I believe is that everyone has a passion.  The second thing I believe is that everyone has a skill.  The third and last thing I believe is that everyone has a choice.

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3 Common Excuses that Prevents You from Becoming Successful

Howard Huang Business Success

Basic economics say that humans have limited means and unlimited wants.  Are you trying to gain financial independence, health, happiness, enlightenment, or anything in between?  No matter what you are pursuing we are all together to figure out our place in this world.  As a kid growing up I looked up to my dad whose life was dedicated in pursuing the American dream.  Courageously leaving all of what was familiar to him, he left Taiwan to pursue a Masters Degree in the U.S. to get a good job.  Back then, a college education was a necessity to get your foot into the door of growing industries that you may not have previous ties to.  These days, having a college degree is still important but has a slightly different meaning.

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How Playing Video Games Makes You Rich & Smart

Video Gamer

It is reported that the global video gaming market cap now exceeds over $100 Billion.  Despite what people say about violent video games and it’s impact on kids, I think video games actually trains us to be smarter and gives us skills to make strategic decisions that we may later use as leverage for that bigger paycheck.  Driven on pure personal intuition and curiosity here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

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