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Remarketing is a method in which you market your brand or product to those who have interacted with your business in the past. Remarketing campaigns are typically associated with search ads and email marketing campaigns. This method of marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Here are all of the articles related to remarketing.

How to Improve Your Website: 101 Tips & Strategies

How to Improve Your Website - 101 Tips and Strategies by Howard Huang

Improving your website, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions is a never ending process. Here is a list of 101 tips and strategies to keep on hand to ensure you never run out of ideas to improve your site.

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How to Send Email Campaigns the Right Way

Howard Huang ninja | What's HuangI consider email the oldest form of digital communication.  Before a business considers signing up for any social media account they must understand email first.  Referral traffic from good email campaigns is a must for a balanced site portfolio.  Experience from working in different industries has made me realize that emails are under leveraged, improperly optimized, and often misunderstood.

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5 Basic Differences Between a Casual & Social Media Expert

Social Media

For the past decade I have had the luxury to see social media progress from something kids do for fun into something businesses now spend millions to strategize their initiatives.  Social media can be a godsend or become a disastrous failure for personal/business marketing.  In my opinion, there are basic differences that distinguishes a person that takes social media seriously compared to someone that uses it casually.

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