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Social Media Marketing is a method in which you earn traffic from social media platforms to your website or other digital property. This is accomplished by sharing engaging unique content that encourages people to like, comment, or share your content. Here are all of the articles related in improving your social media efforts.

Why You Should Seriously Stop Posting Pictures of Your Baby on Facebook

No Baby Photos Facebook | Howard Huang

When I look at my Facebook feed these days, it is filled with babies.  Part of that reason is because I’m at the point of my life where a lot of my friends are either thinking about having kids or already having babies. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a new proud parent, but the urge to create a daily catalogue of my baby everyday and share it publicly on Facebook seems to be a little dangerous and here’s why…

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How to Use Flipboard to Promote Your Website

Digital Marketing Flipboard Magazine - Screenshot by Howard Huang

I have been using Flipboard for about two years as my tool to find interesting content on websites hidden on the internet. If you haven’t heard about Flipboard, it is mainly a mobile driven application for people to share (or “flip” as they call it) articles on websites into curated online magazines. Flipboard is an excellent platform for people to discover content and an awesome platform to promote your website.

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Proof That Google+ Refers More Visitors Than Facebook

Howard Huang | Google+

Last week I wrote an article called “4 Reasons Why the iBeacon is a lot Cooler than QR Codes.”  Often as I do, after publishing an article I went to my usual social networks to promote it.  I shared the link to my blog post on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.  To my surprise, the post I shared on Google+ gave me a lot more engagement compared to Facebook or LinkedIn.  Facebook has always been the network that gave me the most referrals to my blog so it came as a bit of surprise.  LinkedIn has historically never given me any referrals to my blog so that won’t be a focus of discussion in this post, but hey, I have to mention that I always share it to that network as well.

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