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I believe that technology is a driver in how we do business efficiently and effectively. This is why it’s important to discuss the latest new emerging technologies out there and how it might impact our lives in the future. Here are all of the latest articles of new technologies that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

4 Reasons Why the iBeacon is a lot Cooler than QR Codes

QR Code | Howard Huang

Last week Apple rolled out their iBeacon technology across all of its retail stores.  If you haven’t heard about iBeacon, it is a basically a tiny bluetooth transmitter that pushes notifications to your mobile devices when you are within its range.  Apple is currently using it to push store discounts, a way for you to check the upgrade eligibility for your phone, and as a way for you to make purchases on your mobile device in store without having to have an Apple genius (Apple’s store clerks) do it for you.

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Power Searching with Google: Synopsis

Power Searching with Google

Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve been taking an interesting online class that Google offered called Power Searching with Google. The class was aimed to educate anyone interested in learning how to become a better internet searcher. As a person that relies heavily on using Google on a day to day basis I decided that it was to my best interest to enroll. In the end, I’m glad I took the time to go through it all because surprisingly I learned a lot.  If you were not able to attend the class, here is a brief synopsis of the types of things I learned.

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Foxconn is a Great Company, Everyone Calm Down


In 2005 I interned as a Quality Assurance Technician for a similar plastics company in China inspecting plastic housing for handsets making a USD equivalent of $0.17/hour. I worked 10 – 12 hours a day and because I was only an intern….I only had to work 6 days a week instead of all days of the week. I did it for a month and it ultimately led me to quit the mechanical engineering career path.

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