Discovering Your True Passion

Howard Huang Discovering your passion

In business, have you ever heard of the saying that in order to succeed you need to have passion?  What does passion even mean?  How do you know if you have really discovered a passion or if it’s just a hobby in disguise?  How do you decipher between a temporary obsession and a true passion?  In my professional opinion, I believe in three things in regards to passion.  The first thing I believe is that everyone has a passion.  The second thing I believe is that everyone has a skill.  The third and last thing I believe is that everyone has a choice.

Everyone has a Passi0n

Remember when you were a kid and people have always asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?  You would often name a profession whichever you thought was most glamorous at the time.  I have always wondered, how come no one asked me what do I want to be passionate about when I grew up?  Maybe people thought the question was too allegorical for kids the grasp.  Maybe people thought kids don’t have a passion.  Regardless of the reason,  I think that’s a more important question to ask.  Everyone grows up to pursue a profession, but not everyone pursues their passion.

Passion is something that is not motivated by any of the seven deadly sins; pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed,  or sloth.  Passion is something that is manifested unselfishly from within.  Passion is something that cannot be mastered.  Passion is something that can be harnessed into a legacy.  Passion is like doing a drug that you can never build a tolerance to.  The difference between a hobby and a passion is that hobbies you can put down until the weekend whereas passions are your daydreams and the what if’s of your everyday thoughts.  Everyone has passion.  Are you listening to your passion?

Everyone has a Skill

Ask anyone what they are best at and almost everyone can come up with an answer.  Everyone has a  set of skill sets that is unique only to themselves.  A lot of people cast off their passions because either they fear they have something to lose or they can’t ever envision themselves achieving the level of perfection that they hold themselves to.  The difference between passionate people compared with the rest is they are not afraid of failure because in the end, it’s all about doing what you believe in and love.  The truth about passion is, even if you don’t have the most experienced skill set, passion almost always prevails.

Perseverance is a word that often coincides with the word passion, but I think a lot of people miss the mark what this actually means.  Perseverance is more than doing what it takes to get a job done, it’s about paying attention to details.  To persevere in video games, it’s about collecting every single hidden loot before moving on.  To persevere in saving money, it’s about pinching pennies and clipping coupons.  To persevere in music, it’s about hitting every note at the right pitch on tempo.  Perseverance is more about the attention to detail and less about the end task.  It is an ideology that I’m not proto-dubbing as the needle effect.  In summary, everyone has the skill to be detailed.

Everyone has a Choice

The thing about passion is it is what drives us in making pivotal life changing decisions.  It took me 5 college universities, 2 undergraduate programs, and 2 overseas internships to discover what my passion was.  When I discovered it, I dropped out of the things that got in the way and as Steve Jobs would put it, I started dropping into the things that mattered to me.  Everyone says that the older we get the wiser we get.  I think for the majority, the older we get, the better we get at ignoring our passion.  For me, the decision to pursue my passion was easy because what I was told I was supposed to do wasn’t working.  Discouragement pushed me to listen to a voice inside me.  Everyone has a choice to either pursue their passion or disregard it.  Which will you choose?

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