Essential Ingredients for a Great Blog Post

Essential Blog Ingredients by Howard HuangAn essential element for building a successful website requires creating great unique content.  Content is the main element that attracts traffic for your website and retain visitors.  If you have attended any kind of technology marketing conference within the past 10 years you would have heard the term that content is king.  Content is the very reason why most of us use the internet.

Below are some tips that will help you create better content for your website or blog.

Create and Adhere to a Standard

For this website, I have a blogging standard.  One of my standards for this website is that each blog article I write must exceed at the very least 500 words.  Ideally every blog I write should be around 1000 words per blog article.  The longer the content the better it is for your website.

I decided on this standard for a couple of reasons.  One of the reason is more of a personal goal.  By writing a lot it gives me more of an opportunity to write better.  If I can get more words down on a webpage it also gives more content for search engines to get indexed.  In my professional opinion, blog articles should be as long as possible and as valuable as possible.  Commit all of your blogs to a minimum length.  If what you are writing does not adhere to that minimum length it should not be written.

My second standard is publishing consistency.  This standard has more to do with discipline than with writing skill.  If you do not publish blog articles on a consistent basis you will not gain momentum.  If you do not gain momentum then you will not gain traffic, create a following, or create a successful sustainable website.  For this blog, I write my articles over the weekend and publish them on Monday or Tuesday every week.  If I don’t publish a new article then either 1) I’m extremely extremely busy or 2) I’m deathly ill.  The more articles you publish per week the better off you are, however, publish them consistently.  It is better to publish 100 articles over 100 days rather than publish 100 articles in 1 day.  Be consistent.

Dress It Up

When are you trying to build traffic to your blog or website, most of your new inbound traffic will have the attention span of a goldfish.  These people are brand new to your website and are unfamiliar with your content.  Our brains are tuned for things that are novel, which is why it is even more important to dress up your articles to keep people interested.

One of the ways to attract attention is to simply add a picture or video to your blog.  Don’t be that one blog where it is all text and no pictures.  Every blog article on the internet must be accompanied by a picture by now.  If you don’t have a picture with your blog you are at a severe disadvantage.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have a picture for every blog post you make.

1.  Search engines are getting smarter.  They are not only crawling text on a website, but they are also crawling and indexing all of your pictures.  Eventually they will be smarter and crawl the content of videos in the near future.  Don’t forget to use relevant keywords to describe your image in the filename and add alt tags to your images.

2.  An interesting and relevant picture accompanied with your blog attracts a lot more attention than words.  An important rule to follow when it comes to adding pictures to your blog is to make sure it is a unique picture.  Stock photography is good, but most likely someone else is using the same image you pick.  Take and use your own photos to tell your unique story.  A new unique image that is taken with a low quality smartphone camera is a thousand times better than using that smiling customer service representative for the hundredth time.  You all you know which one I’m talking about.

3.  Lengthy textual blog posts are harsh on your eyes.  Remember, our brains are tuned for things that are novel.  If you have a long blog post, break the post up with multiple pictures.  It creates natural pauses so your reader has a more pleasant time reading the entire blog post.

Be Yourself

This advice may sound extremely cliche but it is important.  Every blog post is written by a real living breathing human.  You should write every blog post that reflects how you truly feel. If you write like a robot you are going to sound like a robot.  No one likes robotic writing.  Do you want to read blog posts written by Siri?  Again, I reiterate, our brains gravitate towards the novel.  Every person has their own unique voice so if you write from your heart your posts will be unique (novel).  Creating unique content is not hard, overcoming the fear of expressing your opinion to the internet is the hard part.  Write without fear and express yourself freely.

As always at the end of all blog articles I always ask the reader a simple question.  What are your thoughts on this topic?  What are some of your strategies to make an awesome blog post? Share your insights below in the comments.

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