How to Build Great Legitimate Backlinks for Your Website

Clint Henderson

Please welcome my first guest blogger, Clint Henderson.  He is one of the best SEO Professionals I know out in the field and has helped navigate our link building strategies from the beginning.  Thanks to him, has one of the cleanest backlink profiles out on the web.  Below are some of our own very specific and transparent ways in which he accomplished great backlink building.  Read this carefully, as these are considered white hat SEO strategies that gives you the competitive advantage from the rest. – Howard Huang

How We’re Getting Legitimate Backlinks at

A lot of people have trouble with building links to their site.  Far too often, people want to take (what they believe to be) the easy, fast approach and get paid links.  Usually, this is a terrible idea.  But fear not, there are many ways to get people to link back to your site legitimately, without paying.

Many people that try to build backlinks are the people that actually run the business, the people in charge.  As a small business owner, you come to a point where you realize that you need to come up higher in Google to get more traffic so you can sell your service or products.  So what do you do?  You look online and read a few things. You hear stuff about meta tags, page titles, site content, and the like.  You read stuff like “content is KING” and “you must have the proper keyword density”, oh, and “get BACKLINKS!!.”

Mmkay… well, some of that is true (sort of) but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.  Backlinks are what many business owners like to leverage and that’s what can really hurt you the most if you’re not careful.

I’ve had the opportunity to witness business owners taking it upon themselves to build backlinks.  They find these sites that will send 4,893,889 links to your website for 5¢ and a month later, they wonder why they lost all their rankings.  Business Owners – If your website is important to you, then hire someone that knows what they’re doing!  If you don’t, then you could put your entire site at risk.

Here are some common steps to take to get relevant and quality (non-paid) backlinks…

  • Figure out what you have to offer
  • Discover who wants it
  • Find their websites
  • Entice them with what you have that they want!

And here is how I’ve been using the above steps to get relevant backlinks to MadeLoud, legitimately

Figure Out What You Have To Offer


MadeLoud Featured Artist

 MadeLoud is a community of independent artists & musicians.  We have the ability to offer music promotion.  As you can see above we have weekly Featured Artist spots right on the Home Page and also plug them in to our neat little player you see on the right.

Discover Who Wants It


MadeLoud Independent Musicians

We’ve already got a community of independent musicians to ask for backlinks from, which helps considerably.  Try obtaining backlinks from people you already have an established relationship with.  This will make your job MUCH easier.

Find Their Websites


MadeLoud Artist Website

We decided it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone.  Musicians wanted to be able to list their site and we wanted to not have to go out scavenging to see if the artist had a website of their own.

Entice Them With Your Offer


MadeLoud Artist Email

In the email you send, you definitely want to tell them exactly what you’re going to do for them and maybe even explain WHY it would be so great for them.

Here are some other simple tips I use for these emails…

  • Make it known right at the beginning who you’re with
  • Put something personal at the top (like their name) so they know it’s not spam
  • Don’t sound too needy (I like to end my emails with “Just email me back if you’re interested”)
  • Keep it short and sweet


MadeLoud Artist Link

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