How to Use Flipboard to Promote Your Website

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I have been using Flipboard for about two years as my tool to find interesting content on websites hidden on the internet. If you haven’t heard about Flipboard, it is mainly a mobile driven application for people to share (or “flip” as they call it) articles on websites into curated online magazines. Flipboard is an excellent platform for people to discover content and an awesome platform to promote your website.

Why should you use Flipboard to promote your website?

  • It is pretty big! – There are not a lot of articles discussing the fact that Flipboard has an estimated 90 million users; I feel as though there are a lot more people advocating companies to create a Pinterest account which only has an estimated network of only 70 million. I’m certainly interested in learning why that is, however, I won’t try to attempt to do that here in this post. The point I’m trying to make is, Flipboard is a pretty big social network of its own and a lot of people are using it and perhaps maybe you should too.
  • It’s worthy of your attention – Any platform that allows people to discover and share your content is worthy of your attention. The rate of which we are sharing content is rising incredibly rapidly. The web is becoming incredibly messy, which is why there are so many new tools that are showing up that allows people to curate content, organize it in specific buckets that allows it to be more easily digested and found. Flipboard is certainly one of my favorite tools, but there are others such as Zite and more recently Paper which was developed by Facebook.

How to promote your website using Flipboard

Okay, so now that I have convinced you why you should promote your website on Flipboard, here is how you would go about it.

1. You need a Flipboard account. Flipboard was designed with mobile as a priority so you would need to preferably have an Android or iOS device to sign up.

Flipboard Sign up - Screenshot by Howard Huang

2. Like every other social network, you need followers. To build followers on Flipboard you need to create your own magazine.  In this magazine, you will share articles that are closely related to the content of your website/blog.  For instance, if you run a Golf website, flip golf articles you come across on the web into your magazine.

**Pro tip** – Flipboard is very niche driven, so I highly recommend creating magazines with laser focused topics.  In my arbitrary example above, Golf may be too broad; putting green techniques may be more effective. You can create as many magazines as you want, just make sure you create magazines with a niche focus.

On the other hand, you could also jump right in and start sharing content into your magazine directly from your website. I don’t recommend this because sharing content that is only your own confines you into your own corner of the web and may limit your ability to attract engaged followers faster. You want to curate a well balanced portfolio of content related to your topic from all over the internet as well as your own.

3. By this point you should have a good number of followers reading your magazine that are referring a decent amount of traffic to your website. When the number of followers gets to a point where you are comfortable, consider inviting users on your website to subscribe to magazines you have created on Flipboard. One option to invite users to subscribe to your curated magazines is to add a widget. You can generate your own Flipboard widget here.

Generate Flipboard Widget - Screenshot by Howard Huang

If you haven’t noticed, my Flipboard widget is a persistent navigation element on the right. At the time of this writing I have only focused my efforts on one magazine that I try to update daily. You can visit all of the articles that I have recently read by clicking on the Flipboard widget on the right or (just incase you are that lazy) click here.

Let me know if you find promoting your website using Flipboard generates results for your website. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this article and your experience in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “How to Use Flipboard to Promote Your Website

  1. Alisha

    Hey Howard,
    Your post is very nice and so informative.It seems very useful for promotion.
    Thank you for sharing such innovative things.

  2. lilyearhart

    Hey Howard,
    I am very happy to see the increased visitors by following your steps. really it help when you want to increase visitors ad to attract visitors towards our site. thank you so much Howard for sharing this knowledgeable info with us. i have followed your almost all steps for increasing my website traffic and really it was helpful for me. thank you so much.

  3. Ashraf

    Hi there, I don’t know who has shared my blog posts continuously on flipboard, I am getting lots of extra traffic from there. I is effecting SEO of my website too, significantly but in positive way. By the way good points.

  4. Marina

    I had never heard of flipboard until I started getting some page referrals from it. I started looking around and I’m really liking the simplicity. I’ll be hanging out on flipboard a little more now to see what its all about. Great article

  5. Callen Hedglen

    Hi Howard!

    I’ve been trying to find a post that best explains how to leverage Flipboard for about 30 mins now, and yours is by far the best. No one places focus on grinding down into deep niche markets like you do, and it will be interesting how this affects traffic to my site. I’m interested though, in your opinion do you think the magazine headlines play a big factor in getting Flipboard users to look through our magazines?

    1. Howard Huang Post author

      It absolutely does. For example, I have found for my specific magazine: people really like articles with recommendations to entrepreneurial books. I think it is all about experimenting what resonates with your audience. I noticed too that Flipboard now has analytics that go along with your magazine. Now you can see which articles people are engaged with more. I have found the best way to utilize Flipboard is to flip magazines consistently while focused to a subject and experimenting with various topics within that subject. I hope that makes sense.

  6. Terinah DoBa (@ChaiiChi1)

    Hello Howard,

    I am very interested about Flipboard. As a blogger with a very new website with a few content, I was shocked when I saw a spike of views yesterday. I thought it was just because I shared one of my blog on Twitter. However, when I checked my Google Analytics, I found out that most of my visitors came from Flipboard. I had no idea what Flipboard is, so I checked it out. Turns out, someone has flipped my article (thanks to whoever that was). Now I have already created a Flipboard account and some magazines that cover topics on my website.

    I agree with what you said – don’t flip your articles if you are new to Flipboard. As of now, I have already flipped some interesting articles that are not from my website. I’m looking for ways to get people to see my magazines, that’s why I came across your blog. Great tips! Thanks a lot! Building followers on Flipboard takes time, but I’m sure it’s worth it especially because it is indexed by Google 🙂


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