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Digital Marketing Terms: The Free Beginners Guide

Digital Marketing Books

When I just started my career in the digital marketing world I was lost. It seemed like years before I could fully grasp what people meant when they refer to such terms such as UX/UI, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Remarketing. It was difficult for me to gain knowledge about this industry because I had to first discover that these terms existed before I could locate the right resources to discover more.

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How to Measure Your Social Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Knowing how to measure your social business strategy initiatives is one of the basic fundamentals that a social media professional must know.  When I started my online business, I honestly didn’t have a clue on where to start when it came to social media.  I did what a lot of people do which was to just dive right in and start figuring it out.  At the time, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ had not come into the picture, and everyone was just now slowly migrating from Friendster to Myspace.  We now have businesses who  turn to social media as their answer to their advertising and marketing needs.  If you are not measuring your social media efforts then you are not taking it seriously.  For this topic, I will try to explain what to measure as well as how to measure it.  There are thousands of social media professionals who are giving away free helpful advice based on their experiences learned over the years.  I’m by no means an end all approach, but I will contribute my 2 cents.

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5 Basic Differences Between a Casual & Social Media Expert

Social Media

For the past decade I have had the luxury to see social media progress from something kids do for fun into something businesses now spend millions to strategize their initiatives.  Social media can be a godsend or become a disastrous failure for personal/business marketing.  In my opinion, there are basic differences that distinguishes a person that takes social media seriously compared to someone that uses it casually.

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