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My Favorite Books of 2017

wereMy Favorite Books of 2017 | Howard HuangMy Favorite Books of 2017 | Howard Huang

In the beginning of 2017, I set a New Year’s resolution of reading more. So I made a commitment to myself to read an hour a day. I was empowered and gung-ho about it for the first 30 days, but like most New Year’s resolutions, I found it incredibly difficult to stick to. Even though I skipped some days, I did accomplish my goal of reading more. Below are my top favorite books of 2017.

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Top 5 Recommended Small Business Books to Read

Book Recommendations | Howard Huang

Throughout the year I try to read as many books as I can.  I do this to not only help me stay sharp on business strategies but to also gain new perspectives and approaches to obstacles and problems.  Should I also mention that reading business books is actually fun for me?

Here is a list of links with book recommendations from Bill Gates, millionaires, and entrepreneurs.

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