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10 Free Tools to Double Website Traffic in 2015

Double Traffic 2015

The start of the new year is always a popular time to set new website goals and ramp up existing ones. For 2015, it is important to continue to take what you’ve learned in 2014 and focus on the results.

For What’s Huang, one of my goals is to build an email list. I’ve built many email lists for other sites and have recently decided that its time to also build one for this site. An email list is one of the missing ingredients for this blog and it is something that is my focus for 2015.  Continue reading

3 Free Tools That Help Make Your Website Better

Tools | Howard HuangOne of the great things about the internet is there are so many free tools out there.  There are free tools that help with your personal fitness, finance, insurance calculators, productivity planners, and etc.  If you have a problem there is probably a solution laid out on a website somewhere.  If the solution isn’t on a website it is probably in an app.  You all have pretty much heard that saying.

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