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Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

Howard Huang at Facebook Head QuartersIt seems as if every marketing blog I visit, someone is saying that social media is important for your business. The better question to ask is if social media is right for your business. Social media is indeed important for your business, but you have to be extremely dedicated to it. Social requires a monumental effort to extract results from which is why it is hard to see results.

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Essential Ingredients for a Great Blog Post

Essential Blog Ingredients by Howard HuangAn essential element for building a successful website requires creating great unique content.  Content is the main element that attracts traffic for your website and retain visitors.  If you have attended any kind of technology marketing conference within the past 10 years you would have heard the term that content is king.  Content is the very reason why most of us use the internet.

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Top 5 Recommended Small Business Books to Read

Book Recommendations | Howard Huang

Throughout the year I try to read as many books as I can.  I do this to not only help me stay sharp on business strategies but to also gain new perspectives and approaches to obstacles and problems.  Should I also mention that reading business books is actually fun for me?

Here is a list of links with book recommendations from Bill Gates, millionaires, and entrepreneurs.

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