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4 Reasons Why the iBeacon is a lot Cooler than QR Codes

QR Code | Howard Huang

Last week Apple rolled out their iBeacon technology across all of its retail stores.  If you haven’t heard about iBeacon, it is a basically a tiny bluetooth transmitter that pushes notifications to your mobile devices when you are within its range.  Apple is currently using it to push store discounts, a way for you to check the upgrade eligibility for your phone, and as a way for you to make purchases on your mobile device in store without having to have an Apple genius (Apple’s store clerks) do it for you.

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10 Facts Marketers Don’t Want You to Know

Howard Huang's Book of Secrets

One of the reasons why I enjoy marketing is because it is a very challenging job. Not all problems are the same and a lot of times you must come up with innovative ways to overcome obstacles.  After living and breathing the profession for years you come to learn a few tricks of the trade.

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How to Become a Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing BooksVery recently someone asked me for advice on what they should do to get into social media professionally.  That question allowed me to reflect how I got into my career as a digital marketing professional as well as inspired me to write this article.  Digital marketing is exploding and there are many of us out there.  I’m here to share my experiences on how I got started but do note that it isn’t the only way to get started.  There are many people in this space that have a different story with a different technique, but if you are dedicated enough you will find success your own way.

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