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How to Get Hired: Maximize Your Exposure & Potential

How to Get Hired - Howard Huang

A few people have asked me for advice in regards to helping them get hired, get noticed, and provide direction to improve their professional growth. These people were looking for advice to write their resume, get tips to make a career jump, and develop strategies to move up in their organization. If any of these describe your current situation, here are some of my recommendations to help you break through that barrier.

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3 Common Excuses that Prevents You from Becoming Successful

Howard Huang Business Success

Basic economics say that humans have limited means and unlimited wants.  Are you trying to gain financial independence, health, happiness, enlightenment, or anything in between?  No matter what you are pursuing we are all together to figure out our place in this world.  As a kid growing up I looked up to my dad whose life was dedicated in pursuing the American dream.  Courageously leaving all of what was familiar to him, he left Taiwan to pursue a Masters Degree in the U.S. to get a good job.  Back then, a college education was a necessity to get your foot into the door of growing industries that you may not have previous ties to.  These days, having a college degree is still important but has a slightly different meaning.

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