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Digital Marketing Terms: The Free Beginners Guide

Digital Marketing Books

When I just started my career in the digital marketing world I was lost. It seemed like years before I could fully grasp what people meant when they refer to such terms such as UX/UI, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Remarketing. It was difficult for me to gain knowledge about this industry because I had to first discover that these terms existed before I could locate the right resources to discover more.

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How to Send Email Campaigns the Right Way

Howard Huang ninja | What's HuangI consider email the oldest form of digital communication.  Before a business considers signing up for any social media account they must understand email first.  Referral traffic from good email campaigns is a must for a balanced site portfolio.  Experience from working in different industries has made me realize that emails are under leveraged, improperly optimized, and often misunderstood.

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