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Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

Howard Huang at Facebook Head QuartersIt seems as if every marketing blog I visit, someone is saying that social media is important for your business. The better question to ask is if social media is right for your business. Social media is indeed important for your business, but you have to be extremely dedicated to it. Social requires a monumental effort to extract results from which is why it is hard to see results.

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Discovering Your True Passion

Howard Huang Discovering your passion

In business, have you ever heard of the saying that in order to succeed you need to have passion?  What does passion even mean?  How do you know if you have really discovered a passion or if it’s just a hobby in disguise?  How do you decipher between a temporary obsession and a true passion?  In my professional opinion, I believe in three things in regards to passion.  The first thing I believe is that everyone has a passion.  The second thing I believe is that everyone has a skill.  The third and last thing I believe is that everyone has a choice.

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50+ Interesting Steve Jobs Facts You Didn’t Know About

Steve Jobs

We all know that Steve Jobs changed the way we compute, listen to music, and watch movies. The Macintosh 128k, that my dad brought home, was the first computer I ever used. Steve Jobs was the Thomas Edison of our time and he will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. Below are some interesting facts I dug up in remembrance of him.

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