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Augmented Reality is Awesome, Here’s Why

Augmented Reality is Awesome, Here's Why | What's Huang

Thanks to Apple’s ARKit the number of augmented reality apps is about to explode on iOS. Here are some really cool applications that are under development that convinced me that it’s not just some passing fad. AR is going to change how we order food, dance, and shop.

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My Experience with Google Glass: The Good Bad and the Ugly – Review


Howard Huang wearing Google Glass

On April 15th, Google made Google Glass available to the public for one day at the bargain price of $1500. I have been following Google Glass for quite some time now and was very intrigued in what the buzz was behind this product. I was lucky enough to have multiple cohorts that shared the same curiosity. We all decided to split the cost of Glass as an investment to get our hands on the product for educational purposes. Below is an in-depth review of my personal experience using Google Glass.

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