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3 Important Tips to Grow a Thousand Followers

Howard Huang Klout Score

Let me begin by telling you why this article is different than the other billion “How to Get 1000 Follower’s” articles out there. First off, I have grown a lot of different social networks and communities to 1000+ followers. I have grown a thousand plus followers onTwitter, Google+, Facebook, and recently a community within Google+. I have also built my own social network which now has more than 30,000+ registered users. If you still need more convincing and you’re one of those people that actually care, my Klout score is 56.

What I’m about to write comes from years of experience, hard work, and discovery. I want to pass on information that is different than all of the cliche digital media marketing tips that is floating around and actually give specific strategies that drive real results.

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Power Searching with Google: Synopsis

Power Searching with Google

Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve been taking an interesting online class that Google offered called Power Searching with Google. The class was aimed to educate anyone interested in learning how to become a better internet searcher. As a person that relies heavily on using Google on a day to day basis I decided that it was to my best interest to enroll. In the end, I’m glad I took the time to go through it all because surprisingly I learned a lot.  If you were not able to attend the class, here is a brief synopsis of the types of things I learned.

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Discovering Your True Passion

Howard Huang Discovering your passion

In business, have you ever heard of the saying that in order to succeed you need to have passion?  What does passion even mean?  How do you know if you have really discovered a passion or if it’s just a hobby in disguise?  How do you decipher between a temporary obsession and a true passion?  In my professional opinion, I believe in three things in regards to passion.  The first thing I believe is that everyone has a passion.  The second thing I believe is that everyone has a skill.  The third and last thing I believe is that everyone has a choice.

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