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Throughout the year I try to read as many books as I can.  I do this to not only help me stay sharp on business strategies but to also gain new perspectives and approaches to obstacles and problems.  Should I also mention that reading business books is actually fun for me?

Here is a list of links with book recommendations from Bill Gates, millionaires, and entrepreneurs.

1.  7 Books Bill Gates Recommends – This link actually takes you to Bill Gates’ blog.  To be honest, this blog post is inspired from this post.  The books Bill Gate’s recommends mostly deals with the world economy, how it works, how it struggles, and potential solutions.  If you have an appetite to gain some insight on how one would even attempt to go about solving big picture problems this book list is a good place to start.

2.  11 Business Books for Entrepreneurs – This link takes you to which is great site that publishes tips and advice for young entrepreneurs.  The list of book recommendations in the article includes books that help you startup, grow, manage, overcome, and execute results for your business.  I like this list because it pretty much covers all of your bases in running your business.

3.  Top Personal Finance Books of All Time – I really like this list of book recommendations because cash is the lifeblood of practically any business.  The title of this link may seem like it is geared towards the solopreneur, but I have read a few of these books on this list and can tell you that you can takeaway good financing advice that can be applied to business.

4.  Top Upcoming Business Books for 2014 – While it seems that almost everyone at this time of year is concentrating on reviewing their top picks for 2013, this article is focusing on upcoming books slated for release in 2014.  Adam Grant is an author that gets to read books in advance before it hits the shelves and has curated a list of recommended business books coming out next year.

5.  10 Best Business Books of All Time – With an article like this you would hope it delivers right? This list of business books is curated by interviewing over 80 millionaires and asking what were their top book recommendations that were pivotal for their success.  You will find some overlap in the book recommendations from the previously shared links.  I’m actually half way done reading all of the book recommendations from this list and some of the books are actually my own favorites.


I couldn’t finish this article without giving my own book recommendations.  Here are the top three books I read this year with amazon links for convenience.

1.  Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson – The reason why I like this book is because it is super easy to read.  You don’t have to read it from front to cover and the lessons from the chapters are bite sized.  If you ever need to take a quick break and get re-motivated this book is great to have by your desk.  Let me mention that this book is also heavily recommended in the lists above.

2.  The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau – I have to admit I actually just finished this book last week so it is incredibly fresh in my mind.  I was fortunate enough that I was brought up with an entrepreneurial mindset.  Pursuing new projects or business ventures came naturally for me.  This isn’t to say that its easy for me, but having books like this one keeps me grounded.  If you have a hundred excuses that prevents you from starting your own business, here is a book that practically gives you a million excuses to start one.

3.  Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach – I didn’t find this book recommended on any of the lists that I previously mentioned.  It isn’t a book that gives general advice about being an entrepreneur, starting a business or anything of that nature.  This book was written to provide specific examples of how to design a successful content strategy for small to large business websites.  If you’re in the business of information publishing this is a must read.

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