Why I’m Using Google Chrome & Why You Should Too

Google Chrome

I have recently made the switched over to Google Chrome for good after using Internet Explorer religiously since the turn of the century.  Google Chrome is on the brink of taking over the majority market share and they did it with aplomb.   It took a lot of convincing for me to make the switch as we all have a tendency to stick to something familiar.  Long story short, here are some of the reasons why I’m using Google Chrome and why you should too.

Speed and Performance

If you’re familiar with Google, you would know that they are obsessed with speed.  Starting with Google search, they even display how fast it takes for them to spit out relevant search results based on your search query.  The faster they give you relevant search results, the better your experience.  Google Chrome is no different.  The faster you browse the internet, the better your experience.  Google is on a mission to make the entire web a better experience for everyone.  This is the reason why they are experimenting new technologies to off load items that require heavy graphical processing to your own hardware without forcing you to install a bloated browser.  Case in point, check out their webGL experiment. They are even prototyping this experiment into Google maps, which allows you to view and rotate 3D buildings.  Try it out by enabling it on the bottom left hand corner.


Google is making a huge push to ween users out of the old habit of typing out (H T T P : / / W W W .  website . C O M).  Just start typing the first few letters of your intended destination, and you can simply press enter when the suggested site shows up.  It even saves you the hassle in selecting the option using your mouse when your hands are on the keyboard.  This is a tremendous time saver for websites that you visit a lot.  Click on the screenshot to see what I’m talking about below.  The area where people usually type web URL’s is also the same place you can search.  If you’re one of those people that doesn’t prefer Google as their main search engine, you can always adjust that in options.

P.S. I do realize that Internet Explorer does this now, but at the time of my switch they weren’t.  Which brings me to my next bullet point.

Revision Updates

As Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome compete for market share, we are all to benefit.  Whoever builds and releases the best web browser the fastest…..wins.  Google Chrome releases stable updates to their browser faster than any other browser since their launch.  In the past 3 years, Chrome has released 18 stable major updates versus 15 for Firefox and a measly 3 for Internet Explorer.  Google has a major influence over the future of the web compared to other companies and will continue to release the best browser to support it.  Don’t forget, that Google Chrome also has thousands of web extensions and apps via their webstore to customize your browsing experience to your exact liking.  If you always want to stay up to date on the latest web browser technology use Google Chrome.

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